Love at First Fight
Image of Bloody-Knuckles: Deluxe Merch Bundle

Bloody-Knuckles: Deluxe Merch Bundle

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Let's get ready to rumble...!

Love at First Fight is a Bleach fanzine dedicated to the relationship between Grimmjow and Ichigo. 40+ artists and writers to came together create zines and merch to fill your GrimmIchi loving hollow hole. What are you waiting for?

Bloody-Knuckles includes:
Special Merch:
šŸ’„ Pantera 12" LED Wall Sign
šŸ’„ Close-Proximity 5" Acrylic Standee

šŸ’„ 8" x 2" Vertical Double-Sided Bookmark
šŸ’„ 8" x 5.5" Double Sided Print with Embroidery Tutorial
šŸ’„ 4" x 6" Postcard
šŸ’„ 2.5" Rainbow Acrylic Charm
šŸ’„ Three (3) A6 Sticker Sheets
šŸ’„ Two (2) 58mm Buttons

Digital Merch:
āš” Desktop Wallpaper
āš” Phone Wallpaper
āš” Six (6) Emojis
āš” Two (2) Profile Pictures
āš” Digital Coloring Book (20 pages)
āš” Digital Embroidery Tutorial
āš” GrimmIchi Animation

Possible Add-On(s)
šŸ©ø Digital K*SS ME Digital Zine PDF ($5) - Digital šŸ”„ Zine PDF (28 pages)
šŸ©ø Digital K*LL ME Zine ($10) - SFW Art PDF (50 pages) and SFW/šŸ”„ Fic Zine PDF (250 pages)
šŸ©ø Digital K*SS ME and K*LL ME Zine PDFs ($12.50)

Stretch Goals
This bundle is eligible for all stretch goals:
šŸ’˜ Stretch Goal #1: Magnetic Bottle Opener
šŸ’˜ Stretch Goal #2: Three Cover Prints
šŸ’˜ Stretch Goal #3: Card Holder & Lanyard

Content warnings for zines are provided on all stories and art for viewer discretion.

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